Take your recreational diving course with us!
At Buceo la Herradura we deal with each recreational diving course personally, because, not only do we want you learn. We want you to enjoy the experience, with all the security and professionalism that you can expect through the experience we have earned during thousands of courses taught.
We place special emphasis on your safety and in certifying you when you are fully prepared. This will make you enjoy the wonders of the sea, without any danger. For this reason, if we think that you need more practical experience than those set out in each course, we will offer the extra practice free of charge, to get you certified. We offer courses of all levels. We adapt to your needs and timetable.


Program designed to familiarise yourself with the use of new TransPac or wing and plate settings, gain confidence with new equipment, techniques and breathing, concentration and visualisation skills and understand how to use the tools learned in this course, to enjoy diving with total security and control of the environment, and the personal knowledge of your limitations.