Technical Service

We have Technical Service for regulators, bcd's, dive computers and suits, at your disposal.
Tune up your gear before your dive.
Ask for an estimate.
We do repairs on all suit material types, and all manufacturer styles. Size adjustment and all kinds of suits, installation of pockets, ankle and neck seals, etc. to make you enjoy your suit every time.
Our maintenance and repair workshop is provided with specific tools for every regulator model, to guarantee other parts not to get damaged during the assembly process, as well as original part kits.
The quality and specialisation on the scuba diving gear maintenance is our main challenge, and so we do on:

1st and 2nd stages
Alternative sources
Pressure gauges
Replacement of damaged regulator parts
Replacement of hoses
The rest of the components as bcd's, diving computer batteries and threads.

If you have any question, don't hesitate and contact us, we will gladly help you.
On our repair service, we always try to provide a good service as quickly as possible.